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Dr Prem Events is strategic event organization providing event consultancy, event marketing, trainings, workshops and coaching services across the globe. Run by award winning global leader, speaker and expert – Dr Prem Jagyasi, the event firm has delivered/partnered over 100 global events in 65 countries. Be it global conference, corporate event, workshop, B2B, consumer driven initiatives or social event. Dr Prem Events has special expertise and experience in Leadership, Corporate Wellness, Medical Tourism, Global Healthcare and Wellness field.

The Dr Prem event is supported with Dr Prem web magazine network which has 50 niche web magazines, five million readers and half a million active followers.

Dr Prem Event Marketing and Promotion Services



Dr Prem is one of the leading consultants for Healthcare conferences, congresses, seminars, consumer events; let it be Corporate, B2B, Consumer or merely educational event. Dr Prem has provided strategic consultancy to many international event organizers with strategic communications, business to business platforms, educational training and in-company training programs that are specific to the healthcare sector.

Dr Prem take prides in putting together event concepts which provide invaluable insights into the healthcare sector. On Corporate event side he has successfully consulted Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Congress, world Healthcare Congress, World Congress – Middle East and many Healthcare travel congresses.

He has also developed successful consumer event through developing corporate social responsibility strategies for many international organizations.

Dr Prem is leading individual consultant for Global Healthcare Conference and congress industry mainly because he holds pulse on global healthcare developments. His defined agenda topics are highly accepted from public and private sector.

Dr Prem provides high end consultancy services from Conference value creation, agenda development, Speaker identification and exceptional promotional strategies. His consultancy includes:

  • Conceptualization of Conference
  • Destination identification and key target market evaluation
  • Strategic Agenda Development
  • Congress Chairmanship Role
  • Identification of key note speakers and global Healthcare leaders
  • Access to above 20,000 Healthcare & Medical Tourism Industry participants
  • Invitation to governments and representation and delegation on behalf of governments
  • Creation of business meeting with online software and creative meeting management
  • Promotion of conferences through white label PR services, hitting guaranteed news services like Google, Yahoo, Reuter, AP, etc (Through established Newswire Services)
  • Online promotional strategies through online advertisement and social media marketing strategies
  • Support on Conference Budget development and arrangements on barters services to minimize conference costs
  • Development of Medical Tourism Workshops
  • Creating ROI papers for Main Sponsors


Dr Prem understands the importance of creating pragmatic touch-points to deliver effective community outreach programs. His forte is one of deploying and involving media to engage in a number of initiatives, ranging from generating awareness about life-threatening diseases to conducting onsite check-ups and distributing information. He has consulted events which uses film screenings, plays, discussions, games and quizzes to draw in the public and acquaint them with a healthy way of life


Dr Prem grasp of the business requirements intricacies of the healthcare sector, coupled with its insights into the consumer psyche, places it in a unique position to offer the most effective solutions for a range of sales and marketing needs; whether promotion, awareness generation, sampling or brand building.


Dr Prem undertakes personalized training programs that keep in mind the needs of the instituting organization. With access to an immense network of global trainers, the program development team is positioned to select educators that tally with the specific requirements of the healthcare sector. Dr Prem devises training programs that are aimed specifically at sharpening employees’ existing skills (up gradation) or allowing the acquisition of additional ones.


Dr Prem’s Event Consultancy Services pride in maintaining the highest standards in research, technology and product development. His commitment to service and quality contribute to his reputation as the leading global consultant for Healthcare Events as he is uniquely positioned as provider of support solutions for the global healthcare industry.


Dr Prem’s government affiliation services are key to success of conferences, congresses and events. Since Dr Prem works with many governments, he develop cohesive & synergetic platform of relationship exchange between governments and private sector. He brings great value by developing unique PPP initiatives.

Dr Prem Training Programs

Respected & magnificent trainer, Dr Prem Jagyasi has provided training through numerous focused workshops and presentations in over 30 countries. He is resourceful expert, with the experience in various segments. Dr. Prem’s training programs are comprehensive well researched programs that are practical oriented, which stimulate the thought process among the participants. The training workshops are interactive and are filled with facts, figures, tips and eye-opening success stories. There are case studies, group discussions, practical problem solving and question and answer sessions, which makes the sessions more interesting.

Training Services by Dr Prem & Associates

Respected & magnificent trainer, Dr Prem has provided training through numerous focused workshops and presentations in over 30 countries. He is resourceful expert, with the experience in various segments. Dr. Prem’s training programs are comprehensive well researched programs that are practical oriented, which stimulate the thought process among the participants.

Medical Tourism Marketing & Promotion Services

Dr Prem Jagyasi, one of the leading Medical Tourism Consultant in the world offers high-profile global healthcare consultancy services promoting government authorities, healthcare organisations and medical tourism facilitators. The health tourism consultancy services are provided in conjunction with international and regional representatives.


Dr. Prem’s training workshops are comprehensive well researched programs that are practical oriented. He is a great coach and works with the participants in a thought stimulating environment. The course is designed to suit the needs of the participants. In order to facilitate strategic thinking the course runs in a very creative and interactive manner. It is specially designed to make it more interesting and impart a practical understanding among the participants.