Event Services

Event Services

For whom we are?

Our comprehensive services in event consultancy, marketing and training are suitable if you are

  • Planning a high-profile event/conference for the first time

  • Accidentally given to organize and plan an event/conference

  • Looking for easier ways to plan an event

  • Looking for increased participation and audience number

  • Desiring to deliver a memorable event/conference

Event Consultancy

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Conceptualization of Conference, Events and Trainings

Conceptualization is the cornerstone of an event or conference and visualization is the most important tool applied in the process. Our team of experts understands your requirements quickly and can visualize the desired outcome of the event much beyond your imagination.

We will help you in generating unique start-to-end ideas that would best serve the objective of your event. Based on enriched experience in event consultancy, we are aware of the opportunities and constraints and guide in conceptualizing accordingly.

Event agenda speaks everything about the meet and is of prime interest for the prospective participants and invitees. We are abreast of the latest industry happenings and trends and help in conceptualizing attention-grabbing agenda that would make your event a super success.

Our consultant team also considers the following key points in conceptualization:

  • Theme and occasion of the meet
  • Event calendar
  • Event size you desire
  • Destination and venue
  • Staging requirements – audio, video and decor

Destination identification and key target market evaluation

Destination plays a great role in giving a successful outcome of your event. Different destinations offer different kinds of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, the theme and objective of the event should have strategic relevance to the destination where you can maximize the opportunities.

The quality and volume of participation in your event would also largely depend on the destination you choose.

With our vast experience in creating successful events across leading global destinations, we can spot the right one for you. We do an extensive survey based on your requirement and help in identifying the source of key stakeholders, sponsors, exhibitors, participants and delegates.

Not only these, we also take into consideration other important factors like accessibility, destination popularity in terms of infrastructure and facilities that should fit your budget.

Our competent guidance will help you generate maximum mileage from your event.

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Strategic Agenda and Topic Development

Every event and conference requires some sort of agenda which should be well-crafted to attract event participation and meet your business objectives as well. An agenda also constitutes a part of courtesy contributing a lot to the success of your event.

We not only help in planning the agenda but also guide you in picking the hot and trendy topics in the market. Our strong knowledge base and continuous updation regarding the market trends will help you with the right topic selection relevant to your goals and objectives.

Our support in developing the appropriate content is unmatched. We guide in identifying the key points maintaining clarity of the message encouraging a broader audience group to join your event.

Our expert guidance further helps you:
In sequencing the agenda
In maintaining the time schedule of the event/conference
With timely suggestion in case any last minute formatting or alteration is required.

Congress Chairmanship / Master of Ceremony / Hosting / Anchoring Role

The role of a chair person /Master of Ceremony (MoC)/Host in an event or conference is paramount which decides the course of the event and its outcome. Selection of MoC/ chair person should be done carefully. A wrong selection can spoil tone of the event leading to disarray.

We help you with our contacts of a number of experienced persons adept in hosting high-profile meets and conferences. The person may be an industry expert/celebrity having an exceptional ability to hold the attention of audience as the event proceeds through different stages. We make sure the profile of the person matches with the event objective and he/she is well acquainted with the proceedings of such themed events.

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Identification of key note speakers and leaders

Keynote speakers have a big role to play as they deliver the well-articulated summarized message that perfectly sets the underlying tone of the meet/event. Quality keynote speeches enhance the prestige and status of an event by several notches. A good keynote speaker will keep the audience on the toes driving home the significant features of the event.

The event organizers are often in a big dilemma in finding the right keynote speaker but with our support, this can be sorted out easily.

  • We have good contacts with hundreds and thousands globally acknowledged keynote speakers and influencers.
  • They hail from different industrial and cultural backgrounds.
  • They have an established track record of delivering quality speeches in high-profile conferences and therefore, are highly demanded.

    With our sharp insight built over years, we help in identifying the essential traits of a keynote speaker guiding you in proper selection. Irrespective of the audience and price range, you will always get the best person from us.

We are in Development as well

Web and Technology Development of Websites

To make your event a great happening, you need to have a strong online presence through an event website. Your website is the showcase platform. The importance of your event/conference should be reflected in your website which would encourage relevant people/professionals/experts to participate.

Your website will help you to reach out to global audience fast creating an ideal platform for audience engagement before they attend your meet. We at Dr Prem Events are proud to have a technically efficient team of experts to take care of all the website requirements enabling a great user experience.

The most advanced website development tools are at our command and our knockout designs are sure to drive in a huge traffic. Focusing on your objective, we take utmost care in instilling features to increase audience engagement as follows:

  • Showcasing your brand with dynamic presentation
  • Positioning the Event calendar in strategic position easily noticeable by the audience.
  • Creating a decent registration platform
  • Providing flexibility for social media sharing
  • Creating a buyer/ticket booking platform. [An industry survey shows about half of the audience preferred booking through event websites.
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Invitation to governments and representation and delegation on behalf of organizers

Delegates invited in your event help in bringing out your good cause to limelight adding credibility to the event objective. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr Prem, we have been successful in rapport-building with eminent dignitaries of the government, corporate and culture and entertainment sector.
We, on behalf of the event organizers, reach out to the eminent personalities whose gracious presence enhances the status and importance of any event/conference. Invitee selection is done with utmost care and our courteous gesture in invitation ensures their attendance. Endowed with enormous reputation, we hardly experience any invitation refusal as the dignitaries happily accommodate our cordial request in spite of their packed schedule.

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Creation of business meeting with online software and creative meeting management

Your event/conference can be the best ever experience for your attendees as we offer you innovative ways to conduct business meeting on one-to-one basis. A mega event hosting a huge number of attendees, one-to-one interaction with each and every one is impossible.
Our technical experts help you with innovative online software enabling better communication and networking opportunities among the conference-goers and attendees maximizing the attendees’ satisfaction and the event outcome.
Our meeting software enables the invitees to pre-register before the event/conference. You get an idea of the confirmed attendees and conduct a meeting in advance. With the help of our unique meeting platform, you can arrange interactive session of the attendees according to their convenience.

Notable features of our online meeting software

Desktop Event Apps


Desktop Events App

Mobile Conference Apps

Mobile Conference App

Multi Event Apps

Multi Event App

User Friendly integrated registration system

User-Friendly Integrated Registration System

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Availability of Online Support

Availability of Online Support


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