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About wellness industry

Stress, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, sleep disorders etc have led to an increase in chronic and lifestyle diseases across the globe. To relieve increasing pressure, a large number of people are willing to spend on spas & wellness therapies, which have today become one of the leading places to relax and rejuvenate. An increasing interest in alternative therapies, fitness, weight-loss treatments, detox diets, mineral/ thermal skin treatments & massages, and yoga, have given rise to the concept of medispa or medical spas. They are emerging as a one-stop beauty and health shops. Also, increasing health awareness has led to increase in preventive/diagnostic & fitness tests.

With rising demand for wellness & preventive services, undoubtedly, even the corporates are today offering wellness packages to their employees. Apart from wellness packages, it is also advisable to have corporate wellness workshop conducted for the working professionals, as it helps in creating a structured wellness program for the employees. Structured wellness program not only helps employees in staying fit but also prepares them to meet the demands of the new economy, which requires high levels of creativity, immediate responsiveness and ever-shorter turnaround times, which is possible only if the employee is healthy physically as well as mentally.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee health has always been an important focus area for the corporates. Thus, with increasing demand for health related events & wellness packages amongst the employees, there have also been increase in corporate wellness programs. The main focus of these programs is to generate health awareness amongst employees and inform them about the various lifestyle changes required for leading a healthy lifestyle.

It is estimated that, each dollar invested in a wellness program can yield about $4 in increased productivity, with less absenteeism and lower insurance costs to the company. Also, the benefits of promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace have been proven. Good employee health boosts productivity and stimulates creativity. Further, employees are more likely to stay with a company they perceive to be making an investment in their well-being.

Why get training in corporate wellness from Dr Prem?

Dr Prem being a keynote speaker and trainer in Wellness Tourism has immense knowledge on every topic within the subject. He has an in depth information on several health related topics. More importantly, having traveled to more than 30 countries, he has consulted more than hundred healthcare organizations, including governments & large private companies as well as healthcare event organizations on various topics related to corporate wellness.
Dr Prem trains and consults not only through corporate sessions, workshops or conferences, he has also carried high-end one-on-one executive training for many global healthcare leaders on topics related to wellness.
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