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When leaders step out of the traditional pattern of leadership and focus on developing a vision and setting out a bold future for their organization, they are embracing transformational leadership. Transformational leaders powerfully widen the interests of employees and stir them to think beyond their personal interests and work for the betterment of the organization. They have a clear vision and are able to project and communicate their ideas successfully to their people. Unlike the traditional leaders, transformational leaders are much in control of their situation by trusting their employees. These leaders effectively stimulate their people to be more innovative and bring out the best in them.

However, the present day situation is such that although there are several senior managers, CEOs, Directors, Head of Departments not many are able to function as transformational leaders. Transformational leaders have tremendous potential to amplify organizational performance and generate highly committed employees through their optimistic thoughts, mesmerizing personality, individualized contemplation and intellectual stimulation in a rational manner.

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