About Us

About Us

Led by Dr. Prem Jagyasi, the award winning global leader and recognized consultant in event management services, we have successfully delivered more than 100 events in 65 countries.

Dr. Prem’s active participation in a number of internationally famous meets and conferences has helped in building a strong acumen which is reflected through our exceptional quality delivery encompassing a wide spectrum of services. As a renowned speaker, he has been an inspiration to many aspiring leaders in the global corporate sector.

Dr. Prem’s experience in consultancy spanning for few decades has supported a number of organizations across the globe through unique event creation helping them to achieve global leadership position in their respective domains.


Our robust team created by handpicked professionals forms a strong support making us the world leader in event consultancy.

Our Event Experience

Experience gives birth to excellence

Events are live stage shows and are very much public. It is complex and demands profound insight. It is our enriched experience through which we have garnered exceptional ability to help in delivering memorable events that are engaging, inspiring and rewarding for the audience.