Events Marketing and Promotion

Digital Media Marketing of Events

Digital media marketing has taken the driver’s seat in event marketing to maintain a consistent communication with the audience through a number of channels and platforms.

With our creative vision and expertise, we help you with a comprehensive digital media marketing plan ensuring improved audience engagement and deepening of relationships created online.

We adopt an integrated approach in strategic planning helping in developing a unique personal experience that ultimately generates measurable outcomes.

We focus on:

  • Web marketing stressing on the web architecture.
  • Generating strategic content for your event
  • Great landing pages
  • Improved visibility to audience through SEO optimization plans
  • Improved audience interaction through social networking
  • Inbound marketing improving the organic search results of your event website
  • Developing an exclusive social media plan
  • Use of analytics to check what is working and what is not which demands round-the-clock engagement

From planning to execution, we make use of the right tools to create a successful digital media marketing program for your event eyeing the object of capturing a larger audience. Our high-impact digital marketing plan and extensive support service will ensure the best ROI.

Social Media Marketing of Events

While using digital media for your event marketing, you cannot leave out the social media channels that contribute a lot to your brand promotion. These online networking platforms have enormous potential for communicating and mobilizing your audience.

With our years of experience in strategic social media marketing planning, we help your event to stand out. You get our continued support in utilizing social media platforms to the best of your interest.

  • Social media blog posting – what to post and when to post. We share our valuable lessons regarding postings that engage the event-goers most.
  • Social media Ad posting
  • Uploading interesting videos to increase awareness and engagement
  • Utilizing anticipation to drive in bookings and ticket sales.
  • Arouse the audience excitement revealing the names of prominent speakers and guests in the most creative manner.
  • Posting about deadlines and registration end dates driving audience to take action
  • Creating buzz with discount codes and other takeaways
  • Sharing exciting things about the event/conference to hold the audience interest.

We maintain our support during and after the event through interesting posts, pics and experience presenting the grandeur of your event. Our exclusivity rests on our unparalleled creativity giving a clear message about the uniqueness of your event.

Strategic Promotion of conferences/events
through white label PR services,

hitting guaranteed news services like Google, Yahoo, Reuter, AP, etc

Strategic promotion of your event/meet through white label services is of utmost importance as your event outcome will depend a lot on this.
We take utmost care in timely submission of Press Releases and newsletters in multiple news service channels like Google, Yahoo, Reuter, and AP with guaranteed indexing ensuring a better online visibility of your event.
Our newsletters and exceptional PR services:

  • Goes viral instantly
  • Increase the awareness and engagement
    showing that your event is coming in a big way.
  • Improve your brand image
  • Drive in more interest.
  • Expand audience knowledge
  • Help in fast worldwide coverage
  • Can be utilized in SEO

Event Content Development

To align your event with the audience comprising of different people with varying preferences, it is important to pay due attention in event content development. Brochures, flyers and presentations are the most read items. Therefore, quality content matters. The audience often assesses the standard of the upcoming event through your content.

Creating content that connects

You get our expert guidance in creating convincing content that will generate significant value for the time invested by your audience; a content that will generate more confirmation in audience attendance.

We help you in:

  • Framing a focused content with the right inclusion of points sought by the audience which would generate value instantly
  • Including words of mouth from the peers.
  • Introducing surprising and useful ideas never talked before
  • Designing brochures, flyers and presentations with choicest words and taglines catching the attention of audience immediately.

Article writing and guest posting on high-level event websites

To drive in more enthusiastic attendees for your event, we also help you in guest posting and article writing on the event website. It can be any news or interesting fact related to your event. We guide you in creating exciting narration about these facts raising the curiosity and interest of your audience to a high level.

Great blogs and guest posting are considered as valuable sources of information and result in better audience engagement. Your audience gets the answers to many questions even before they are asked, and also can sum up the benefits likely to be gained by attending your event in person.

Our team of expert writers smartly weaves words as they have a thorough understanding of the mindset of the prospective attendees. Through effective guest posting, we help in:
Build relationships
Driving more online audience by reaching out to new people
Develop a great way of communication
Add value